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Atomic BINGO Official Rules


  • If any winners are found to be under the age of 21, it will void their wins and they forfeit any prizes won.

  • If you have a win it is up to you to stop play and announce it before the next number is called.

  • Players must have initials on the back of game 10 card, currently in play and before verification of win, in order for the win to be deemed valid.

  • If you miss calling a win and someone calls it on a later number, your win is no longer valid.

  • If two or more players achieve a win on the same number, whoever calls it first will receive the listed prize. The caller may decide to          conduct a “tie-breaker”. It can be determined by coin flip or rock, paper, scissors. They can also continue calling numbers, but only for the players that tied. The first player to have a number that is not shared with the other player or players will win the prize. Sometimes a lesser prize may be awarded to the other winners at the discretion of the location.

  • Hold all cards until a winner is verified.

  • Game cards are color coded and must be played in order. If a win is called and it is the wrong color card for that game, it is not valid and play will continue.

  • Players may use only one card per game.

  • Daubers must be capped and returned at the end of the night.

  • If players attempt to keep their dauber they will be excluded from all future game sessions.

  • Outside food and drinks are not allowed.

  • It is always absolutely free to play Atomic BINGO, but stools and tables can be reserved for paying customers.

  • If a player is not ordering food or beverages they may be asked to surrender their seat and move to another area of the room.

  • These rules are made available for your convenience; however, always check the rules at the time you are playing in case there have been any changes, because the rules at the time you are playing are the ones in effect.

  • Bar employees are welcome to play BINGO only if they are off duty.

  • Bar owners may play all games except game 10.

  • A player may mark their card only and cannot tend to another player’s card.

  • Each winning card should be marked with a single dauber color.

  • Multiple colors may void a winning card.

  • In case of disputes, the game caller’s decision is final.

  • Only cards supplied by Atomic BINGO may be used at our functions.

  • Play it right by following the rules and do not attempt to cheat by altering a card.

  • Callers are experienced at detecting an alteredcards and managers are likely to prosecute you.

  • Understand that any attempt to alter the outcome of a BINGO game resulting in a cash payout in excess of $500 is a Class 3 Felony and will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

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